Bike Fit

Whether you are a recreational cyclist or elite you want to be comfortable on the bike. As a recreational cyclist you will want to be painfree and comfortable while you enjoy the world from your two wheels. As a club and racing cyclist you start to think not only about comfort for the long hours in the saddle but also about performance and injury prevention/management. A Bike Fit by Kat involves a movement screen – to identify any movement restrictions or muscle imbalances you may have, a thorough history – to establish any patterns, strength testing to reveal any weaknesses of the stabilizing muscles. Then we look at you on the bike – a dynamic assessment is the gold standard. Rather than rely on mathematical formula to establish bike fit, Kat uses dynamic assessment and will make adjustments to maximize not only comfort but also performance on the bike. Rebates are available through your private health insurance extras cover.

Appointment Types & Pricing



As a first contact practitioner, you do not need a doctor or specialist referral to see Kat. A physiotherapist can assess, diagnose and treat your presenting issue. Kat can also refer for imaging if indicated. Kat has undergone extensive training in order to be able to assess your condition, diagnose the issue and identify contributing factors, provide you with advice and education as to the nature of the injury/issue and formulate a treatment plan. Physiotherapy treatment may consist of any or all of the following - Soft tissue mobilization - Joint mobilization or manipulation - Muscle/movement re-education - Stability training - Strengthening - Exercise Prescription – including Clinical Pilates - Taping - Dry Needling Physiotherapy is appropriate for many complaints including back pain, neck pain, hip pain, headaches, sports injuries, postural and overuse injuries.

Appointment Types & Pricing

Initial 45min consultation $110.00

Follow up 30min consultation $90.00

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is an individually designed, directionally specific treatment method. Clinical Pilates focuses on the development of core stability, flexibility, optimal posture and movement patterns as well as strength and flexibility. A physiotherapist who has completed postgraduate training conducts Clinical Pilates at Rehub Studios. The studio consists of reformer and trapeze as well as small equipment to provide you with all the tools you require to achieve your individual goals. Prior to attending Clinical Pilates an initial Pilates Assessment is necessary to perform a thorough musculoskeletal screen, evaluate injury and discuss your goals. Initial assessment includes postural and movement assessment, injury history and any special tests. Core muscle activation will be assessed to ensure effective activation is achieved. This information is utilized to ensure your program targets your specific needs. Rebates are available through your private health insurance extras cover.

Appointment Types & Pricing

Group Class maximum of 4 people $50

1 on 1 session $120

Private health rebates available on Clinical Pilates

Exercise Prescription

Drawing on postgraduate studies in Strength and Conditioning as well as Clinical Reasoning in Exercise and Rehabilitation (as well as Masters of Physiotherapy) Kat is the ideal individual to assess you and prescribe a personalized exercise plan to get you working at your optimum. Whether it is a maintenance program you are after to get you performing at your best or on the return from injury journey to full health and function, Kat can provide sports specific, progressive exercise programs. What it entails Kat will conduct a thorough musculoskeletal and movement screening (including joint range of movement and movement patterns) and isolated muscle strength screening in order to identify areas in need of improvement, this information combined with your goals will be used to create a personalized program perfect for you Having an assessment is a proactive method for the identification of injury risk and management. Addressing issues before they stop you doing what you love. Rebates are available through your private health insurance extras cover.

Appointment Types & Pricing

30min $90

45min $110

60min $120

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